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Office Safety Practices

Office Safety Practicesoffice safety

It is amazing how many people who work in offices take safety for granted. Most people think of a construction site or factory when they think of safety. Well, that’s not the way it should be. Granted, construction sites and factories are potentially extremely dangerous; but offices can be too, especially when no one considers office safety.

Let’s review some of the situations that increase exposure to injury and what we can do about them.

  • Avoid walking and reading at the same time. If it is important enough to read, then stop and read it.
  • Never leave file cabinets open and unattended; never, not even for a minute. How long does it really take to open a file cabinet?
  • Never run in the office. Nothing is so important that you must risk running into a co-worker.
  • Leave your shoes on. If your shoes are too uncomfortable to wear all day, then wear different shoes. Running around the office barefoot is a sure way to stub a toe or pick up a staple.
  • When you must carry files, don’t carry more than you are capable of. If you’re grunting or your muscles get tired, you’re carrying too much. Use a cart or make more trips.
  • Avoid placing extension cords on the floor. These are tripping hazards and can also become fire hazards.
  • Never, ever put your fingers in an automatic stapler or stamper. Always unplug it before you try to unjam it.
  • Always keep aisle ways clear. Never stack boxes or supplies in aisle ways or in front of egress paths. Never arrange offices with desks in front of exits.
  • Avoid bending at the waist when accessing low files. If you must access low files, either stoop down or get on your knees.
  • Avoid twisting and reaching for files or other materials in your work station. Move your whole body to prevent back strain.