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1. Copyright & limitations on use of material: The material is owned by OSHA SAFETY MANUALS, a California company (referred to hereinafter as we, us and our), and is protected by united states and international copyright laws. You or your company may use the material only for the purpose of developing and implementing safety programs for your firm. You may not make copies of the material for the purpose of resale or by use of another party. Copies may be made for backup purposes or multiple locations. Any unauthorized use of the material, including without limitation, any transfer or attempted transfer of the material, or rights in the same, to any third-party, without our express prior written authorization, is strictly prohibited. You may not publicly display any material or permit any third party to do so. Any public display of the material or illegal copying could cause us irreparable harm, and is a material breach of these terms. You therefore consent to the immediate issuance of an injunction, without the requirement that we post a bond or undertaking, requiring you to cease all unauthorized sales and publication of the material, to cease making any copies of the material, and to remove any and all material from public display. If you publish the material on any internal electronic database or internal website, access to such internal database or internal website shall be restricted to employees of your company and to those persons who have explicitly agreed in writing to be bound by these terms. You may not use the material for any purpose that is unlawful or illegal.