health and safety plan

Health and Safety Plan

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We recommend starting with the Basic Health and Safety Plan if you do not already have a safety plan, then choose all the add-ins you need. Please note that these are separate files. If you’d like a complete program, we recommend letting us put it together for you. Click here to get a free proposal.

Health and Safety Plan

Our Basic Health and Safety Plan is 13 Chapters and covers general OSHA policies.

The Basic Health and Safety Plan includes the standard procedural policies, then you can add on any specific hazards your workers are exposed to.

These policies are Safety Statement, Responsibility, Disciplinary Policy, Safety Orientation, Accident Investigation, Accident and Loss Reporting Procedures, Hazard Identification and Assessment, Emergency Action Plan, Employee Suggestions, Fire Prevention, First Aid, Job Safety Analysis, and Temps, Staffing and Leasing Employees.

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