A Safety Manual is required by state and federal agencies! Let us build your health and safety plan.

Safety Manual

A safety manual is a universal precaution that can substantially reduce the number and severity of workplace injuries and alleviate the associated financial burdens on workplaces. CAL/OSHA refers to this as an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). Washington calls this an Accident Prevention Program or APP.  In Minnesota, it’s a Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program (AWAIR). Both Federal and State OSHA regulations require businesses to have and implement a health and safety plan. A copy must be maintained at each workplace or at a central worksite if the employer has non-fixed worksites. Many states have requirements or voluntary guidelines for safety manuals.

Is your company out of compliance? FED/OSHA and states with approved plans will cite and fine businesses who do not provide a written health and safety program upon their inspection. OSHA citations can reach up to $18,000 for not providing and implementing a workplace safety program. Be prepared to prevent accidents! Has OSHA already paid you a visit? Visit us at www.oshacitationappeals.com.

With OSHA Safety Manuals, you do not pay anything upfront. Our experts will determine your needs based on the information you provide us and the description of your company activities. Within a few hours of your form submission, we will send you a proposal and quote for your OSHA Safety Manual. If you just can’t wait, you can download individual chapters at your discretion. Should you do so and decide you need help afterward, we won’t charge you any additional fees to put your document together. Looking to qualify for ISNetworld or Avetta? We can take of that. Just fill out the form for ISNetworld or Avetta and we’ll put a quote and time frame together for your ISNetworld Safety Manual. We can also handle the submission process for the RAVs section.

Our thorough activity-specific OSHA manual will be made with your company name and set to your specifications that you provide on our customize form. It will be digitally sent to you within a day.  At no additional cost, if your needs are immediate, we can expedite the delivery. We are happy to include your company logo as well.

customize safety manual

Provide us with a bit of information and we’ll put together a free draft for your review

Download Safety Manual

Just looking for a few sections to add to your current manual? Download what you need here.

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Not sure what you need? Qualifying for a third party? Let us know, we’d be happy to assist you.

implement-health-and-safety PlanOSHA compliance is essential. Many employers in the United States already manage safety using Injury and Illness Prevention Programs and we believe that all employers can and should do the same.

Most successful IIPP‘s are based on a common set of key elements. Some of these elements are: management leadership, worker participation, hazard identification, hazard prevention and control, education and training, and program evaluation and improvement. Employee participation is a key element of any successful safety program.

Have one of our OSHA experts design a health and safety plan for you. Remember, You don’t pay until you have reviewed and approved your safety manual. Get started here!

You may need a safety manual to:

  • Provide abatement for violations
  • Submit to jobsite
  • Qualify for third party
  • Meet workers comp requirements
  • Meet insurance requirements
  • Comply with Government contract

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