Springtime Yard & Field Maintenance

Springtime Yard & Field Maintenance

Springtime Yard & Field Maintenance

Springtime Yard & Field MaintenanceMany industries are coming into their busiest season now–often with increased outdoor work in equipment yards, outside shops, or storage areas. Before peak activities begin is a good time to organize, repair, and clean up these areas. Time to accomplish this will probably be scarce later on. The following checklist may make this job easier:

Are chemicals kept in an outside storage facility? If so, are the following in place?

  • Is the written Hazcom Program complete and available to employees?
  • Have all employees been trained in chemical handling and spill clean-up?
  • Are spill clean-up materials available, and close to where they’ll be needed?
  • Are the Safety Data Sheets in an accessible place?
  • Do all containers meet proper labeling requirements?
  • Is the storage facility organized and inventoried on a regular basis?
  • Are first aid/eyewash kits in place?

Is the yard surface smooth and even, free of potholes and ruts?

  • Is there good drainage in the yard–no puddles?
  • Is the area free of unwanted vegetation?
  • Are the yard lights functioning and adequate?
  • Is there a method of communicating with the shop if assistance is needed?
  • Are speed limit signs posted and enforced?

Are fire extinguishers:

  • Readily accessible?
  • Mounted and secure at the proper height?
  • Marked for intended use?
  • Tagged with dates of maintenance?
  • Is the area free of tripping/falling hazards?

Extension cords put away after use?

  • Tools put away after use?
  • Wood scraps and other debris picked up?
  • Oil and other substances cleaned up when spilled?

If raw material is stored in the area, is it:

  • Inventoried and organized periodically?
  • Do material racks have weight limits posted?
  • Are mechanical lifting devices used to store material in upper racks?

These are just a few things to check when outdoor work increases. Take care of a yard, camp or outside shop inspection now–before things get so busy, you won’t have time!