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Personal Protection Quiz

Personal Protection Quiz

Selecting Suitable Eye Protection

eye protectionQuestion 1: While using an abrasive grinder to dress some hand tools, your eyes will be sufficiently protected from flying particles if you wear a face shield.

Answer: No. Face shields are not approved eye protection. They are designed to protect the facial skin from cuts and abrasions. They may be worn over approved primary eye protection for additional protection to the face.

Question 2: One of your assigned job duties is to transfer a corrosive liquid chemical from one container to another. You wear safety glasses with side shields while performing this task. Are your eyes adequately protected?

Answer: No. Whenever there is a potential exposure from hazardous liquids, safety (sometimes called chemical) goggles which form a seal around the entire eye area are required. There are several styles of goggles to choose from, including flexible fitting with regular ventilation, flexible fitting with hooded ventilation and cushioned fitting with a rigid body.

Question 3: Because you wear contact lenses, you do not need to wear eye protection in most cases?

Answer: No. Contact lenses, of and by themselves, do not provide eye protection from hazards occurring in a work setting. Eye protection suitable for the hazards must be worn whenever there is exposure to injury to the eyes. Dusty or chemical environments may represent an additional hazard to contact lens wearers.

Question 4: You are unable to locate your eye protection while at work. Your supervisor has just given you a rush order for a customer who is waiting at the service desk. The job won’t take long but you will be exposed to flying particles while completing the task. Should you go ahead and complete the job without your eye protection? After all, it will only take a few seconds?

Answer: No. No matter what the duration of the job task, if eye protection is required in order to prevent an injury to the eyes, it must never be attempted without proper safety equipment. Explain the immediate situation to your supervisor. Another pair of glasses or goggles may be available or the job should be assigned to someone else who has protection available. To prevent a recurrence of this situation, you and your supervisor should jointly decide how all personal protective equipment will be selected, cared for and stored to ensure it is readily available at all times.