heavy equipment-hazards

Heavy Equipment Hazards

Heavy Equipment Hazards

The use of heavy equipment on a jobsite is vital and necessary to the overall success of the construction project. However, unauthorized or unwise use of heavy equipment can result in personal injury, loss of life, or severe loss to materials needed to complete the project. Today we will discuss some key points to keep in mind when working around heavy equipment.

Guide for Discussion

Workersheavy equipment hazards

  • Always be alert to the position of the equipment around you.
  • Only authorized personnel are to operate the equipment.
  • Never ride the equipment unless it is designed to be ridden.
  • Always keep away from suspended loads.
  • When performing as a signal person, be aware of all overhead power lines. Keep crane booms at least ten (10) feet from all power lines.
  • Never take naps, breaks or lunch around heavy equipment. You never know what might happen.

Equipment Operators

  • Be sure that all equipment is either accompanied on site with a signal person, or has an operational back-up alarm.
  • Be aware of all overhead power lines and the possible effect on equipment operating within the close vicinity. Keep crane booms at least ten (10) feet from all power lines.
  • Always lock out the equipment before it is to be lubricated, adjusted or repaired.
  • Always replace gears, belts and any other guard after repair or adjustment.
  • Always secure and lock equipment upon its completion of use and at end of day.
  • Be sure to protect the glass areas of cabs with either metal grates or wood covers. (Replace broken glass)

Additional Discussion Notes:

Who are the only authorized equipment operators?

Remember: The best policy around heavy equipment is to take no chances. Be aware of what is going on around you—both workers and equipment operators.