driving distracted

Driving Distracted?

Driving Distracted?

driving distractedDriving down the road is no longer a lonely, quiet experience. With cellular phones, two-way radios, and stereos, the interior of your vehicle no longer offers a quiet place to focus on driving.

These days with everyone’s life so busy, paying attention while driving can be difficult. Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly you notice you don’t remember the last three miles you traveled? Although your attention may only be diverted for a split second, the ever-changing variables of the road and other vehicles can make you instantly vulnerable to accidents.

The following rules can help you concentrate on what you should be doing…driving.

  • Tie up loose ends before you leave the office.
  • If you must travel in heavy traffic areas, plan your travel at times other then rush hour.
  • Know the condition of the roads on which you are travelling and drive only as fast as those conditions allow.
  • Wear your safety belt at all times.
  • Set the radio to a station and leave it there until you stop again.
  • Stay alert and drive defensively, with caution.
  • Watch out for and anticipate other drivers, pedestrians or children on or near the road.
  • Stay out of the other vehicle’s blind spot
  • Keep a safe distance from other drivers by maintaining a safety cushion around your car.

Safe drivers scan constantly for hazards, predicting how they may be affected by a hazard and pre-determining how to avoid or reduce them.