working around cranes

Working Around Cranes

Working Around Cranes

A crane is one of the most versatile and important pieces of equipment usually found on a construction job. It can be used to accomplish a lot of otherwise heavy-lifting tasks. However, it can also be one the most dangerous since it can lift heavy loads over large areas of a project. Today we will discuss some of the important safety points about working around cranes.

Guide for Discussionworking around cranes

  • Always be aware of the swing radius of the crane
  • Never walk within the swing radius of the crane
  • Never work under suspended Besides the crane boom could fail.
  • Never ride the There are too many things that can go wrong you can’t control
  • Always wear a hard hat when there is a possibility of a load being overhead
  • Stay off of and away from the crane unless you are assigned to be on the crane
  • Never walk under a boom, especially if it has a load on

Remember: When working around a crane, the crane operator is going to be watching his load or the signal person and not for stray workers. Never enter the swing radius of a crane unless it is absolutely necessary. Never work within the swing radius. Hard hats are required.