safety training steps

Safety Training Steps

Safety Training Steps

Preparationsafety training steps

  • Select a topic. Use a priority sequence. Accidents/incidents, demonstrated lack of skills, required or mandatory training (e.g., fall protection, ladders and stairways.)
  • Choose a good location to train (away from noise and other distractions).
  • Research the subject; include company policies and procedures
  • If a new subject, ask what the audience already knows (so you can avoid covering that information in great detail)
  • Always have a good attitude when training!


  • Describe what is going to be taught
  • Tell why the subject (or training) is important
  • Describe safety procedures, general and specific
  • If necessary, demonstrate safety procedures; one step at a time
  • Repeat steps if necessary; be patient


  • Get workers involved in the discussion; encourage questions
  • In demonstrations:
    • ask worker to perform procedures
    • correct any errors immediately; address performance not person
    • practice until you and the worker are confident

Follow Up

  • Observe worker performing safety procedures on the job
  • Ask for feed-back; encourage questions
  • Give feedback on performances
  • Decrease observation over time as appropriate