safety away from work

Safety Away From Work

Safety Away From Work

Safety at work is hopefully a matter of routine. Just as important as safety on the job is safety at home. According to one study, you are actually safer at work than at home. For our discussion today, consider driving home and away from work

Guide for Discussion


  • Don’t speed.
  • Drinking and driving don’t mix.
  • Maintain your vehicle in good mechanical condition. Watch out for other drivers.
  • Allow for proper stopping distances.
  • Be courteous, especially if you’re in a company vehicle.


  • Minimize electrical exposures. Eliminate slipping and tripping hazards. Don’t overextend on ladders.
  • Teach your family to identify hazards. Know basic first aid and, if possible, CPR.


  • Be careful not to overexert yourself.
  • Loosen up before you begin playing a sport. Don’t try to keep up with the children (of all ages).
  • Know any safety rules associated with your forms of recreating (i.e., boating, hunting). Teach your family how to play safely and then enforce the rules.

Remember:    Our family and friends are very important to us. With a safe driving, living, working and playing environment, we can continue with our friends and family.