Portable Saws and Grinders

Portable Abrasive Saws & Grinders

Portable Abrasive Saws & Grinders

Portable Saws and GrindersBefore use, tools, cords and accessories should be inspected to ensure safe operation. The equipment operator should be protected from electrocution by a ground-fault circuit interrupter or an assured equipment grounding conductor program. No one should ever be permitted to use an electrical tool in wet or damp areas. Operators of compressed air and hydraulically operated tools should make certain that supply pressure does not exceed the tool manufacturer’s recommendations. Excessive pressure can rupture hoses, damage tools, and increase operating speed beyond safe limits.

Some abrasive saws are gasoline powered and should only be used in well ventilated areas. Operators of gasoline powered equipment should comply with all flammable liquid storage or transportation guidelines, and follow applicable regulations.

Here are some blade, wheel and disk tips worth remembering:

  • Never use an unguarded tool
  • Never force a blade, wheel or disk onto a tool
  • Never use a blade, wheel or disk that has been dropped or otherwise damaged
  • Never use excessive tool force
  • Never stand in front of an operating tool
  • Never exceed the safe maximum operating speed marked on the blade, wheel or disk

Workers should also be aware of the airborne health hazards which can come from abrasives and bonders in blades, wheels, or disks and also from the materials on which the saws and grinders are used. They should be instructed in the use of any personal protective equipment, including face or eye shields and respirators, necessary to protect them from physical or airborne hazards when working with or around portable abrasive saws and grinders.