machine safety

Machine Safety

Machine Safety

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machine safetyMachines are one of the leading causes of occupational injury. Improperly trained or careless operators are often the victims. So, until you’ve been trained on a machine and are authorized to run it, hands off!

Before you turn on any machine, know the hazards and make a safety check. Is everybody clear? Are the guards and safety devices in place and properly adjusted? Don’t start the machine unless they are. Never tie down or block a guard or safety device. Safety features are there to protect you. Always follow established lockout/tagout procedures.

Keep your machine clean. If you have to clear an object from a running machine, follow established safety procedures. Never use your hands! Don’t try to slow down a moving part with your hand or makeshift device, let the machine stop completely, by itself. And never walk off and leave a machine running and unattended.

The right work clothes can help you stay safe and comfortable on the job. Wear tucked in short-sleeved shirts and cuffless pants. Long sleeves, neckties, scarves, gloves, or jewelry can get caught in moving parts. Wear eye protection where required and keep long hair covered and away from moving parts.

Machine safety requires a combination of proper training, safeguards, good judgment, and concentration. Machines have hazards which can’t be completely eliminated. Even simple machines can pinch, cut, or crush. To avoid injury, follow procedures and be on your guard. Allowing yourself to become distracted, even for a second, can have serious consequences for you or the people you work with.