why accidents occur

Why Accidents Occur

Why Accidents Occur

Every accident is caused by a breakdown in one of four areas: the worker, the tools used, the materials used, or the methods used. Often there is a breakdown in at least two areas; one being the worker and the other coming from one of the three other areas. The accident’s cause usually results from an unsafe act or an unsafe condition. Today we will review some types of unsafe acts, the results from, and unsafe conditions.

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Types of Unsafe Acts:

  • Operating a tool or some equipment without authority.
  • Working at an unsafe speed.
  • Using unsafe or defective equipment or using equipment in an unsafe manner.
  • Disconnecting safety devices.
  • Unsafe unloading, placing or mixing materials.
  • Assuming an unsafe position or posture.
  • Working on moving equipment.
  • Horseplay or distractions; taking shortcuts.
  • Failure to wear and use personal protective equipment.

Unsafe Acts Result From:

  • An improper attitude.
  • Lack of knowledge or skills.
  • Reduced mental or physical capacities.

Unsafe Conditions:

  • Improper guarding.
  • Defective equipment or materials.
  • Unsafe working procedures.
  • Improper housekeeping.
  • Poor lighting or ventilation.
  • Improper personal attire (Poor dress).
  • No or improper evaluation of site conditions.