Warming Up

Warming Up

Introduction: “Construction is an athletic event” The importance of being warmed up prior to starting construction work (or any work involving heavy lifting) is just like getting ready for a sporting event. Stretching is a means to avoid the most common body sprain/strain injuries. Stretching before lifting is especially helpful to avoid back injuries. According to safety experts, over half of all workers’ compensation claims and costs were due to sprain/strains.

Guide for Discussionwarming up

Overexertion effects:

Backs;  Trunks (Waist, Hips); Knees; Shoulders, Arms and Elbows

The hardest injury to live with is a back injury; once you are injured expect repeat injuries. One professional study indicates that once you do injure your back, you are five times more likely to suffer a re-injury.

Helpful Hints:

  • Go into stretching with a relaxed and open mind. Stretch to the point where it is comfortable, not painful.
  • Do not strain when you stretch – straining keeps the muscle from relaxing. Concentrate on the muscle being stretched – think about the good feeling of a proper stretch
  • As the feeling of the stretch changes to a mild stretch, stretch a little further, comfortable with no pain.
  • Don’t bounce when you stretch.  That can cause injuries. Always stretch to the tight side first.
  • Breathe with a slow, normal rhythm. Do not hold your breath.

Additional Discussion Notes:

Demonstrate proper stretching exercises.

Remember:  Construction is an athletic event. Stretching before you start work will make your job easier and helps prevent injuries on the job. Try it at home too.


NOTE: Always promote a discussion of any of the topics covered in the Tool Box Talks. Should any question arise that you cannot answer, don’t hesitate to contact your Employer.