The Spotter

The Spotter

With the high level of material delivery on a construction project and with delivery trucks generally required to back on the site, it becomes very important for the safety of workers and the project to provide spotters. Today we will review what the spotter should be doing and looking out for.

Guide for DiscussionSpotter

A spotter should always be used any time a vehicle with restricted view is on-site. A spotter should always:

  • Look out for themselves.
  • Look out for others.
  • Make sure the delivery vehicle is not damaged.
  • Make sure the project and project materials are not damaged. Give clear and understandable signals.
  • Never pass out of view of the driver without stopping the vehicle.
  • If you must go directly behind a vehicle, keep one hand on it so that you can immediately sense any movement of the vehicle.
  • Always signal on the driver’s side. Be consistent in giving signals. Use hand signals.
  • The spotter must watch where they are walking.

Remember:    It is the responsibility of the spotter to get the delivery vehicle on and off the construction site without injury or property damage. This is a big responsibility—no one should take it lightly.