signaling techniques

Signaling Techniques

Signaling Techniques

Proper signaling can greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of a construction project whether it is guiding a delivery vehicle, a forklift or a crane. Improper signaling can kill or injure workers as well as cause severe property damage on a project. The following points are recommended discussion points when discussing signaling.signaling techniques

Guide for Discussion

Know the signals. If you have to, get with the operator and coordinate what signals mean. Allow only one person to give signals.

Be sure the operator knows who the signal person is. The signal person must:

Always be in a position to see both the operator and the work area. Always watch the load; the operator must watch the signal person. Not move a suspended load over workers.

Always warn workers when loads are being moved in their area. Watch for overhead power lines and any other obstructions.

Remember the proper type of signaling operation – for a truck, forklift or crane.

Remember: It only takes one small mistake on the part of the signal person to cause a severe injury or major property damage. Make sure you and the operator understand each other and the signals to be used.