Screwdrivers are one of the most commonly misused hand tools. While it is designed to tighten or loosen screws, you can also find it being used as a pry bar, punch or chisel. When that happens, the screwdriver can slip.  When it slips, it can cause an injury or ruins the tool.

Guide for Discussionscrewdrivers

Proper Care

  • The handle should be tight, smooth and not slippery. The shank should be true and straight.
  • The bit should be flat, with the end at a right angle with the shank. Keep the bit square edged.
  • When sharpening, be use not to remove the bit temper. Keep the bit and handle clear and free of grease and oil.

Proper Use

  • Always use the proper size bit to fit the screw head. Keep the bit square to the screw head.
  • Never use pliers on a screwdriver; if possible, use a vise. Never use as a pry, chisel, punch or lever.
  • Use only a standard screwdriver on a standard screw; Phillips head on a Phillips head screw.
  • Select the right length for the job; don’t try to improvise.
  • Always use a screwdriver with an insulated handle for electrical work.

Remember:    The screwdriver is a valuable tool when used properly. When used improperly, it becomes a hazard to your safety with the possibility of a resulting injury.