refueling equipment

Refueling Equipment

Refueling Equipment

refueling equipmentRefueling equipment is a necessary part of each construction project. As such, it is important that this operation be conducted in as safe a manner as possible. Remember that gasoline and fuel oils are manufactured to cause an explosion (hopefully in the engine). Today, we want to talk about simple refueling rules.

Guide for Discussion

  • Concentrate on the task to be performed. Never smoke during refueling operations.
  • Don’t refuel near an open flame or near a sparking situation. Keep a fire extinguisher within 25 feet and closer than 6 feet. If the equipment may accidentally move, chock the wheels. Always shut the engine off.
  • If necessary, allow the engine to cool.
  • Be sure both fuel dispensing tank and equipment are grounded.
  • Don’t spill the fuel. (Spilled fuel is a safety, health and environmental hazard). Don’t overfill the fuel tank. On hot days, allow for expansion.
  • Always clean up any spills.

Remember:    If there is a refueling area, be sure it is clearly marked and keep the area neat at all times. Whether you are filling a bulldozer or a chainsaw, it’s better to do it properly than to risk an explosion that could ruin or end your life and the life of those all around you. Remember gasoline was designed to explode when ignited.