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Power Lines and Mobile Cranes

Power Lines and Mobile Cranes

Instructor Note: This has been added to the Tool Box talks because electric line companies get very upset when a crane (or dump truck bed or other piece of heavy equipment) gets close to or touches a power line. It can also cost you your life!

Introduction: It is not uncommon to work around power lines; however, the potential hazards to workers are enormous; workers just have to work safer.

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How to Avoid Electrocution

  • Locate all power supplies. Besides this being the state law, it’s smart.
  • Have the Power Company inform you of the voltage and arc distances.
  • Shut off or insulate the power line(s) if possible.
  • Never allow a piece of equipment to break the safety zone (the distance required to avoid electric arc.)

General Rules to Remember

  • Designate a competent lead signal person.
  • Communicate clearly with all members of the work crew.
  • Have all crewmembers watch the operation.
  • Be alert.
  • Watch for non-alert crewmembers.

Additional Discussion Notes:

Remember: Whenever you are near a power line, be sure to minimize the risk by de-energizing or insulating the power source. Only then proceed with caution. At all times, try to avoid entering an arc zone. It is far better to be safe than sorry.

Who is responsible for the company assured grounding program or to install a ground fault interrupter system?

Remember: The best way to eliminate the hazard of the “quiet killer” is to act as if each exposure to an electrical hazard may be your last. Never take electricity for granted, “it’s a killer.”