portable electric tools

Portable Electric Tools

Portable Electric Tools

The use of portable electric power tools is one of the most common occurrences on a construction project today. Workers are exposed to the use of these tools constantly.

portable electric toolsIt is important to remember that electricity always seeks a path of least resistance and often that is through a defective cord into the worker’s body. This is especially true if the worker is exposed to wet weather or has been sweating.

Guide for Discussion

The following safety rules should be reviewed when discussing the safe use of portable electric tools:

  • Use only equipment that is in good condition.
  • Be sure the tool is properly grounded.
  • Always report the following:
    • Defective or broken cords;
    • Bad connections to power terminals; Defective or broken plugs;
    • Defective or loose switches; Brushes causing sparks.
    • Never overstrain the tool thus overloading the motor. Never use an un-insulated tool without a grounding plug.
    • Avoid working in wet areas unless a ground fault interrupter circuit is used.
    • Never use a tool in the presence of flammable vapors or gases unless it is designed for such use.

Remember:  Electricity is an unseen killer; it gives no warning. But electrical shock can be avoided by using tools in good condition and common sense.