near misses

Near Misses

Near Misses

Most accidents occur as a result of an unsafe condition or unsafe action coming together with a person. The end result is the person gets injured. Often unsafe acts or unsafe conditions have several misfires and the result is a near miss accident or incident. The only difference between a near miss and an accident is luck. Safety conscious companies make a near miss a big deal – so do we.

near missesGuide for Discussion

  • Near misses are injuries without
  • Near misses are not funny; they are often
  • Always report a near
  • Take immediate action to prevent a similar near
  • If you did not cause a near miss but saw it, discuss it with those involved and your supervisor.
  • Obey safety rules and you will decrease the number of near misses around

Additional Discussion Notes:

Near miss reporting procedures to the company safety committee. (*) Describe.

Company safety committee responsibility to investigate near miss accidents and make corrective recommendations to management. (*) Describe:

(*) State-mandated requirements.

Remember:    Near misses are warnings that something or someone is not performing the job correctly. Always pay attention to near misses.  Don’t let near misses repeat themselves or you may find yourself or a co-worker being treated for an injury that could have been avoided.