material handling

Material Handling

Material Handling

Proper material handling is part of the successful working of any job. Material handling is also potentially dangerous to those moving the materials from the delivery vehicle to its storage place.

Guide for Discussionmaterial handling

Material Storage

  • Ensure that floors can handle the storage
  • Keep materials six feet away from open floors or landings; ten feet away from the exterior of the
  • Keep all aisles and passageways
  • Do not store non-compatible materials t For example, gas containers and bulk lumber do not mix.

Proper Lifting Techniques

  • Know your individual lifting
  • Know the capacity of the load to be
  • Avoid over-extending or twisting your
  • Use your legs to lift – keeping your back straight – with the load close to your
  • Get help if

Remember:    There is a place for everything and everything needs to be in its place. The proper storage of work materials will make your job easier. Proper lifting and handling, with help if needed, will keep you from being injured on the job.