knee pads

Knee Pads

Knee Pads

Construction workers (and especially roofers) are prone to have knee problems. We bend our knees almost as much as we bend our backs and then at the end of the day, complain about our aching bodies. Just as we must be careful in lifting, we must be careful in bending. To assist in saving our bodies, think about using kneepads as an important part of personal protection equipment.

Guide for Discussionknee pads

Do we have exposure to knee injuries?

  • Is there a way to “engineer out” the constant knee bending situations on this job? What are the appropriate times and places to wear kneepads? Discuss as needed:
  • Concrete Finishing
  • Decking work Roofing work Finishing work
  • Electrical or plumbing work Welding
  • Millwrighting or other mechanical type work

Is using a piece of insulation and duct tape an acceptable means of protecting knees?

Improper use examples:

  • Binding straps too tight (cutting off circulation)

Additional Discussion Notes:

Are we using kneepads that can work when wearing double-kneed work clothing?

Remember:    It only takes a moment to strap on kneepads or wear them in double-kneed work clothing. Over time, kneepads will save you from permanent injury from working while on your knees, and it is more comfortable for you when getting the work done.