Workplace Visitors Safety Program


Workplace Visitors Safety Manual Program

Table of Contents

  1. General requirements
  2. Definitions
  3. Responsibility for policy and procedures
  4. Method/practice
  5. Personal protective equipment (ppe)
  6. Sample visitors policy
  7. Sample points to cover

Workplace Visitors Safety Program

Chapter Section

Your Company Name employees are responsible for developing and implementing appropriate and reasonable restrictions on visitor access insofar as it is necessary to:

  • Protect the health and safety of occupants and of visitors to Your Company Name workplaces.
  • Protect the confidentiality of data and information that may relate to students, patients, employees, and others served by the Your Company Name community.
  • Minimize activity that might detract from the productivity and effectiveness of Your Company Name faculty and staff in the workplace.
  • Maintain the security of Your Company Name property and resources.
  • Such restrictions may provide for limitations on access, frequency, and duration of visits and must provide for appropriate supervision of all workplace visitors. Some visitors may require close and ongoing supervision, particularly in areas with known hazards. Unit-based policies may vary in the degree of restriction due to the nature of the local workplace, but will consistently maintain the protections specified above.

For example, visitors should not be brought to areas in which hazardous equipment, materials, or activities are present (e.g., laboratories, studios), except for conducting Your Company Name business and only when utilizing appropriate safety precautions. Colleagues, prospective students, and students from primary and secondary schools may enter these areas as part of educational programs or for academic, scholarly, artistic, or research purposes; however, they must be fully supervised during their visit. Full supervision of visitors in areas with known hazards requires the undivided attention of the supervisor(s) to the visitor(s), and visits should be limited in frequency and duration.

Visitors brought into areas that do not normally entail hazards beyond those usually encountered in public spaces (e.g., administrative offices, libraries, lecture classrooms) should be supervised at a level that is necessary and sufficient to ensure both the safety of the occupants and visitor(s). Even these visits should be limited insofar as it is necessary to assure that the quality and quantity of work being carried out by all employees and students in the area are not compromised, and that the quality and integrity of all Your Company Name data, services, and resources are maintained.

Questions or concerns regarding specific visitors and/or the applications of the policy should be directed to the administrative official responsible for the unit.