Hand and Power Tools Safety Program


Hand and Power Tools Safety Manual Program

Table of Contents

  1. Hand and portable power tools
  2. Policy
  3. Authority and responsibility
  4. General safety precautions
  5. Hand tools
  6. Power tools
  7. Guards
  8. Safety switches
  9. Electric tools
  10. Powered abrasive wheel tools
  11. Pneumatic tools
  12. Powder-actuated tools
  13. Hydraulic power tools
  14. Ergonomics
  15. Hand and portable tool information sheet
  16. Personal protective equipment

Hand and Power Tools Safety Manual Program

Chapter Section


Employees who use hand and power tools and who are exposed to the hazards of falling, flying, abrasive and splashing objects, or exposed to harmful dusts, fumes, mists, vapors, or gases must be provided with the appropriate equipment needed, including Personal Protective Equipment, to protect them from the hazard. Refer to the Your Company Name’s Personal Protective Equipment policy.

Any tool which is not in compliance with any applicable requirement of this plan is prohibited and shall either be identified as unsafe by tagging or locking the controls to render them inoperable or shall be physically removed from its place of operation.

All hazards involved in the use of power tools can be prevented by following some basic safety rules:

  • Keep all tools in good condition with regular maintenance;
  • Use the right tool for the job;
  • Examine each tool for damage before use;
  • Operate according to the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Utilize the proper protective equipment. Refer to the Your Company Name’s Personal Protective Equipment Policy; and
  • Participate in safety training.

Employees and employers have a responsibility to work together to establish safe working procedures. Refer to the Hand and Portable Tool Information Sheet. If a hazardous situation is encountered, it shall be brought to the attention of the Department Supervisor and/or Environmental Health and Safety for evaluation and corrective action. Additionally, only Your Company Name employees shall use Your Company Name hand/portable power tools.