Rigging and Material Handling Safety Program


Rigging and Material Handling Safety Manual Program

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Scope
  3. Key responsibilities
  4. Procedure
  5. Rigging tools and devices
  6. Jacks
  7. Jacks – inspection
  8. Blocking and cribbing
  9. Rollers
  10. Inclined planes
  11. Lever-operated hoists or come-alongs
  12. Chain hoists
  13. Chain hoist – safety precautions
  14. Grip action hoists or tirfors
  15. Electric wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, pendant cranes
  16. Winches
  17. Anchorage points
  18. Load on structure
  19. Beams
  20. Beam clamps
  21. Slings
  22. Welded lugs
  23. Training and education

Rigging and Material Handling Safety Program

Chapter Section

Material Handling

  • Rigging equipment shall be inspected to ensure it is safe. Rigging equipment for material handling shall be inspected prior to use and on each shift and as necessary during its use to ensure that equipment is safe.
  • Defective rigging shall be removed from service. Defective equipment shall not be used and removed from service immediately.
  • Rigging equipment shall not be loaded in excess of its recommended safe working load. Rigging equipment shall not be loaded beyond its recommended safe working load and load identification shall be attached to the rigging.
  • Rigging equipment, when not in use, shall be removed from the immediate work area. Rigging equipment not in use shall be removed from the immediate work area so as not to present a hazard to employees.
  • Tag lines shall be used unless their use creates an unsafe condition.
  • Latches will be in place on all hooks, eliminating the hook throat opening. Hooks on overhaul ball assemblies, lower load blocks, or other attachment assemblies shall be a type that can be closed and locked, eliminating the hook throat opening.  Alternatively, an alloy anchor type shackle with a bolt, nut and retaining pin may be used.
  • All employees shall be kept clear of loads about to be lifted and of suspended loads. No employee shall be allowed under a suspended load.