Hazardous Spill Prevention Safety Program


Hazardous Spill Prevention Safety Manual Program

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Scope
  3. Requirements
  4. Oil spill history
  5. Facility inspections
  6. Maintenance inspections
  7. Employee training
  8. Record keeping of incidental spills
  9. Appendices

Hazardous Spill Prevention Safety Program

Chapter Section


Each work site spill prevention and response plan shall contain the following requirements.

  • Chemical substances should be stored in proper containers to minimize the potential for a spill. Whenever possible, chemicals should be kept in closed containers and stored so they are not exposed to storm water.
  • The program must identify chemicals used that may be potentially spilled or released. This will include both liquid chemicals used at our facilities or brought on to owner client sites.
  • Spill kits must be adequate for any anticipated spills. A proper spill kit must contain the appropriate supplies for materials that may be spilled. Supplies must be easily accessible when required, and considerations must be made for both the type and quantity of materials.  The contents of spill response kits shall be periodically assessed to ensure the availability of adequate spill response supplies and adjust inventory as necessary.
  • Your Company Name shall ensure the availability of adequate spill response supplies by periodic inspection to assess their availability and adjust the inventory as necessary.
  • Employees must be instructed on spill prevention and the proper response procedures for spilled materials. The training should include materials available for use, proper waste disposal and communication procedures.
  • Areas where chemicals may be used or stored must be maintained using good housekeeping best management practices. This includes, but is not limited to clean and organized storage, labeling and secondary containment where necessary.
  • Proper communication measures for employees to initiate in the event of a spill will be created on a site by site basis. Communication procedures will be based on type and quantity of materials spilled.
  • Environmental spills shall be reported to environmental authorities when required. Reporting procedures will be based on type and quantity of materials spilled.