Wily Coyote always seems to fall into a deep canyon and not be injured at all. People can’t. Then why do we seem to have trouble getting workers to pay attention to the fall hazards around them?

Guide for Discussionfalls

The following items represent the bulk of the exposure to falls on a construction site.


  • Always use the right ladder.
  • Set them on level ground and tie them off at the top (for security). Do not over reach.
  • Do not over extend yourself on the ladder.
  • Always face the ladder and try to use both hands when climbing.

Floor Openings:

  • Floor openings should be properly covered.
  • Covers must be able to support walls the same as the floor.
  • Covers should be firmly attached to the floor/walking/working surface.
  • Covers should be marked as such. For example: “Cover,” or “Do Not Remove Floor Opening Cover.”
  • Consider wall openings and uncompleted stairways as openings with suitable protection provided.


  • Use handrails.
  • Watch where you step.
  • Keep your view clear.
  • Concentrate on the stairs.
  • Do not run up or down the stairs.
  • Keep stair well clean.


  • Always try to provide good footing.
  • Keep tools, trash, scrap materials out of walkways. Clean as you go.
  • Always be wary of oil, ice or snow.

Additional Discussion Notes:

Balance. Wear appropriate footwear (including auxiliary footwear like corkers) when necessary.

Remember:  Paying attention to things around you like ladders, floor openings, stairways and good housekeeping will help prevent a fall.