electric power tools

Electric Power Tools

Electric Power Tools

Electric power tools come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to do almost anything. However, there are some things that they all have in common, rules for safe and proper use.

Guide for Discussionelectric power tools

The following rules should be remembered when discussing the use of electrical power tools:

  • Select the right tool.
  • Know how to use it.
  • Be sure it is properly grounded or double insulated (i.e., a plastic body and two pronged plug).
  • Inspect for the following:
    • Broken or defective cords Defective terminal connections
    • Defective plugs
    • Defective or loose switches Brushes that spark excessively
    • Never use a tool unless the guards are in place and in working order. Before using the tool:
    • Remove the chuck or adjusting key Firmly secure the work
    • Be sure you have a firm footing
    • Always use proper personal protective equipment and remove dangerous items: Safety glasses or goggles
    • Hard Hat Safety Shoes Loose Clothing Jewelry
    • Never carry the tool by its cord.
    • Never adjust the tool when it is plugged in. Disconnect the tool when finished or when not using. Maintain good housekeeping.
    • Avoid working in wet areas whenever possible.  When you do, wear insulating materials such as rubber gloves or a rubber vest.

Remember:  All the basic rules we discussed are common sense in nature. Yet too many times they are forgotten or disobeyed with the result of someone being injured—too often, seriously.