electric hand saws

Electric Hand Saws

Electric Hand Saws

The electric hand saw is one of the most common power tools found in residential construction.  It is also one of the most abused being tossed around, kicked out of the way, but depended on to get the job done. Today we are going to discuss basic safety rules, guard rules, and saw blade rules.

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General Safety Rules

  • Use only grounded or double-insulated tools.
  • Use only extension cords that are in good condition.
  • Make sure there is an assured grounding program or ground fault interrupter (GFI) being used. (See Electrical section for more information.)
  • Make sure all work areas are as dry as possible.
  • Never do maintenance work on the saw while it is plugged in. Never ever use your leg as a sawhorse.
  • Always remain alert.

Guard Rules

Make sure all guards are operable before use. Do not use the saw if it has a defective guard. Never block any of the guards open.

Always check before setting the saw down to be sure that the blade guard does not jam open.

Saw Blade Rules

Always keep the blade sharp.

Use the right blade for the materials being cut. Never change blades while the saw is plugged in.

Remember: An electric handsaw can, in just a blink of the eye, severely injure you or a co- worker. Be alert when using an electric hand saw and follow the common sense rules we just discussed.