dangers overhead

Dangers Overhead

Dangers Overhead

More and more contractors are using mechanical means to lift loads to the working area; it saves time and avoids injuries. But there is still a hazard. If it takes a piece of equipment to lift materials, then you can bet that if the load falls, it can seriously injure or kill you. Always be aware of overhead operations and remember basic safety rules.

Guide for Discussiondangers overhead

  • Always be sure loads are carried close to the
  • Use tag lines on loads whenever
  • Use only one signal
  • Be sure the signal person can clearly observe the load and operator at all
  • Never hoist over other workers; keep the hoist area
  • Be sure loads are properly
  • Make sure the hoisting and rigging equipment is in good workable
  • Hoisting speed should never proceed too fast as to risk losing control of the
  • Monitor weather conditions, especially during

Additional Discussion Notes:

During excavation operations, special care must be taken to insure no employee is under a load handled by digging or lifting equipment.

Remember:    It is important that the overhead danger of moving materials across a worksite be watched by all assigned to this task. It is important that all workers are aware of the overhead hazard. Once a load begins to free fall, that load is difficult to avoid.