assured equipment grounding

Assured Grounding Program

Assured Grounding Program

Instructor Note:  OSHA strictly enforces the standards pertaining to electrical grounding. These standards require that a project use either Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI’s) or an Assured Grounding Program. GFCI’s effectively prevent short circuits by tripping the entire circuit when a short occurs. It eliminates the possibility of electrocution and is the preferred method of protection.

Introduction: Our company has an Assured Grounding program as a means to protect ourselves against accidental electrical shock.

Guide for Discussion

assured equipment groundingProgram Components

  • Have the company’s written policy on file.
  • Our policy is located _____________
  • Have a competent person conduct all tests.
  • Our competent person(s) are: __________
  • Test all electrical equipment for proper grounding.
  • Remove any defective equipment from use and tag it to prevent future use. Color code all equipment tested to insure complete test results.
  • We use the following colors—
  • (blue), (green), (red), (purple).
  • A color chart is located  _________


Test for the continuity of the grounding conductor.

Test before the equipment is first used; after any repair; after any possible damage and a minimum quarterly (i.e., every three months).


Visually daily for defects before use. Inspect the following types of equipment:

Power Tools, Extension Cords and Temporary Receptacle Boxes

Remember: The use of an Assured Grounding Program is not only required, but it is good common sense. Electrocution is no laughing matter and all steps we can take to reduce our exposure to this hazard makes sense.