Sandblasting and Silica Exposure Safety Program


Sandblasting and Silica Exposure Safety Program

Table of Contents

  1. Inspection procedures
  2. Abrasive material toxicity
  3. Silicosis is categorized into three types:
  4. Hazards of static electricity and explosive mixtures
  5. Setup procedures
  6. Shut down procedures
  7. Refilling sand pot (five and seven-ton-mobile units only)
  8. Personal hygiene
  9. Precautions and special situations
  10. Hoses
  11. Dead man switches/valves
  12. Electric equipment
  13. Breathing air filters
  14. Hose and couplings
  15. Sandblasting in confined spaces
  16. Modification of sandblasting equipment
  17. Respiratory protection equipment guidelines
  18. Training
  19. Testing and certification

Sandblasting and Silica Exposure Safety Program

Chapter Section


Every component of a sandblasting setup must be checked out and its proper

Operation/Function assured before any attempt is made to put the unit into service.

  1. Hoses valves, handles, and adjustment knobs must be in good condition. Hoses with soft spots, broken couplings, and damaged outer casings are not to be used.
  2. Dead man lines and switches must be in good condition. Electric dead man lines must not have cracked insulation or bad splices, pneumatic dead man lines must be crack free and must not have abraded outer castings. Dead man switches/valves must operate freely and without obstruction.
  3. Sandblast hoods must be complete; that is, they must have a helmet, suspension, “sock,” cape, apron, and belt with needle valve or vortex tube for conditioning and controlling air flow. The helmet must have a clear faceplate.
  4. Couplings that are missing parts or that are noticeably worn or deformed are to be removed from service.
  5. Never override dead man switches with tape, rope, or other means.
  6. Signs and/or barricades should be posted to warn workers about the hazards and specify any protective equipment required.
  7. Supervisors are responsible to ensure the appropriate sandblasting equipment is used.


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