Pesticide Safety Manual Program


Pesticide Safety Program

Table of Contents

  1. General pesticide use
  2. Pesticide handling
  3. Storage (fixed site)
  4. Storage (mobile sites: trucks)
  5. Digging, trenching
  6. Dusting for pests
  7. Routine maintenance
  8. Refueling engine
  9. Aerosol fogging
  10. Aerosol crack & crevice applications
  11. Pesticide particles or vapors in the air
  12. Pesticide applications
  13. Mixing/loading
  14. Transport from jobsite to jobsite
  15. Pesticide application
  16. Treatment with pesticides



Pesticide Safety Program

Chapter Section


Poisoning via dermal, oral, inhalation or eye

All employees regularly handling, mixing, loading, and/or applying pesticides shall complete an annual course on pesticides and pesticide safety and worker safety.


Poisoning via spillage of material or breakage of containers during handling.

  1. Pesticide containers shall be carried only by handles provided on the containers.
  2. Pesticides shall be stored only original containers.
  3. During mixing of pesticides employees shall wear at least a face shield, goggles or safety glasses, long sleeved shirt, long pants, and unlined neoprene or rubber gloves. For mixing of non‑premeasured dusts and wettable powders, employees shall wear a NlOSH/MSA approved respirator in addition to the above listed protective equipment.
  4. The employee shall routinely clean all personal protective equipment. All gloves shall be washed with soap and water daily. Respirators shall be maintained in a manner described in the WIIPP Respirator section.
  5. Pesticides shall be mixed only according to label rates. Employees shall ensure that the top of the pesticide container and the top of the pesticide tank into which they are pouring the material are below waist level of the employee.
  6. All mixing of pesticides shall be conducted outside
  7. During pouring of the pesticides, employees shall NOT use their waist, leg or other part of the body to hold the pesticide container in order to support or otherwise stabilize it.
  8. During all mixing and loading operations, employees shall NOT smoke, drink any beverage or consume food.
  9. After all mixing and loading operations are complete; employees shall thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water.
  10. All spilled pesticides shall be cleaned up immediately upon spillage and waste disposed of properly. Empty pesticide containers shall be triple rinsed, repeatedly punctured or otherwise made unusable and discarded in the trash. Rinsate shall be poured into the termiticide power spray rig tank.