Drug-Free Workplace Safety Program


Drug-Free Workplace Safety Program

Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. Scope
  3. General provisions
  4. Employee assistance program
  5. Program requirements (minimum)
  6. Pre-employment
  7. Reasonable suspicion
  8. Random testing
  9. Post accident testing
  10. Abstinence monitoring
  11. Alcohol
  12. Legal drugs
  13. Illegal drugs
  14. Disciplinary action
  15. Customer or owner requirements
  16. Searches
  17. Scope and process
  18. Procedures for handling seized property
  19. Disposition of uncooperative employees
  20. Voluntary rehabilitation
  21. Contract personnel
  22. Employee’s reporting requirements – legal drugs
  23. Definitions
  24. Procedures
  25. Education and training
  26. Notification
  27. Types of drug testing
  28. Pre-employment testing
  29. Unfit condition
  30. Incident on duty
  31. Reasonable suspicion testing
  32. Random testing
  33. Post accident testing
  34. Abstinence monitoring
  35. Alcohol and drug screening for safety sensitive jobs
  36. Prohibited drugs
  37. Federal drug screen limits for illicit drugs
  38. Customer requirements
  39. Positive test results or refusal to test
  40. Re-employment
  41. Employee assistance program
  42. The testing for drugs
  43. Drug testing laboratory
  44. Recordkeeping
  45. Retention of samples
  46. Retesting
  47. Medical review officer
  48. Acknowledgement of drug & alcohol prevention program

Drug-Free Workplace Safety Program

Chapter Section


Your Company Name recognizes the problems which drug abuse have created in the construction industry and the need to develop drug abuse prevention programs.  Accordingly, in order to enhance the safety of the workplace and to maintain a drug-free environment, Your Company Name has amended its Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program to comply with Federal Regulations Part IV, Department of Transportation, Research and Special Programs administration, 49 CFR Part 199, “Control of Drug Use in Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, and Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Operations”.  Your Company Name intends to abide by all future Federal Regulation and amendments, and specific requirements as determined by our customers.


This revised Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program is effective on January 1, 1993.  The provisions of this Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program are applicable to all employees of Your Company Name.

Implementation and continued enforcement of the Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program is subject to appropriate local, state, and federal laws as well as any collective bargaining agreements, and customer requirements.

Any special customer requirements not included in this policy will be adopted and enforced as required by that customer.