High Pressure Water Systems Safety Manual Program


High Pressure Water Systems Safety Manual Program

Table of Contents

  1. Scope
  2. Purpose
  3. Related documents
  4. Definitions
  5. General principles
  6. Personal protective clothing
  7. Head protection
  8. Eye protection
  9. Body protection
  10. Hand protection
  11. Foot protection
  12. Hearing protection
  13. Respiratory protection
  14. Training
  15. Refresher training
  16. Operational procedure
  17. Planning
  18. Checklist
  19. System control
  20. Work areas
  21. Hook-up
  22. Hoses
  23. Fittings
  24. Nozzles
  25. Pre-flushing
  26. Electrical equipment
  27. Jetting operation
  28. System pressurization
  29. Reaction force
  30. Hand gun operations
  31.  Lancing and pipe cleaning
  32. Work stoppage
  33. Incidents and accidents
  34. Communication
  35. Inspection care and maintenance
  36. General
  37. Maintenance
  38. Pump unit
  39. Filters and strainers
  40. Hose assemblies
  41. Re-end hose assemblies
  42. Servicing
  43. Repairs
  44. Tools
  45. Compatibility
  46. Maintenance record
  47. Permanent cleaning areas

High Pressure Water Systems Safety Manual Program

Chapter Section

This Guide Manual provides guidance for the operation and maintenance of water jetting equipment. It describes methods for eliminating or reducing hazards and risks associated with water jetting.

This Guide Manual only provides guidance for:

  1. High pressure water jetting systems pressurized by positive displacement pumps with an output capability greater than 400 bar litres/min.
  2. High pressure water jetting operations carried out at pressures above 200 bar and includes jetting operations involving the use of additives and abrasives.
  3. Water jetting operations below 200 bar where there is a foreseeable risk of injury to operators or other persons.

It shall be Your Company Name’s responsibility to ensure all contractors employed for the purpose of high pressure water jetting are made aware of these guidelines. It will be the responsibility of the contractors to ensure these procedures are strictly adhered to at all times.