Hazardous Waste Management Safety Manual Program


Hazardous Waste Management Safety Manual Program

Table of Contents

  1. Title and purpose
  2. Site coordinator
  3. Storage of hazardous substance
  4. Hazardous wastes disposal procedures and regulations
  5. Disclosure procedure for emergency responders and emergency
  6. Response plan for hazardous spills
  7. Hazardous chemical (product) inventory
  8. List of approved vendors
  9. Hazardous waste evacuation plan
  10. Signal to be used
  11. Evacuation shutdown
  12. Employee accounting
  13. Rescue and medical duties
  14. Reporting releases of hazardous waste and emergencies

Hazardous Waste Management Safety Manual Program

Chapter Section

To the maximum extent possible, all poisons, acids, and flammable chemicals shall be stored separately from all other substances, preferably in designated storage areas or cabinets that are approved for the type of exposure anticipated.  All flammable liquids must be stored in UL or FM approved flammable storage cabinets.

The Safety Coordinator shall schedule periodic inspections to ensure that all hazardous substances within the company are appropriately labeled and stored.

Chemicals and substances utilized in maintenance, and which are particularly vulnerable to incompatibility and possible adverse reaction or accident due to improper storage, should be minimized.  To the maximum extent possible, for storage purposes, chemicals and substances should be separated into organic and inorganic groupings and further sorted into compatible families within the two major groupings.